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Philmac UTC Joiner 21-27mm x 15-21mm
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Philmac UTC Joiner 27-34mm x 15-21mm
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Philmac UTC Joiner 27-34mm x 21-27mm
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Philmac UTC Joiner 39-43mm x 27-34mm
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Philmac Universal Transition Couplings (UTC)Philmac_Brand_Logo

Without modification the Philmac Universal Transition Fitting connects to a variety of materials including PVC, copper, galvanized iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel, steel, polyethylene and PEX.

Each size fitting covers a range of pipe diameters providing a ‘Universal’ solution.

WRAS_logoProviding a seal on out-of-round and pitted pipes is another aspect of the ‘Universal’ solution.

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Complete Flexibility:

Universal Design - Through its wide tolerance, the Philmac UTC® is designed to accommodate a range of different diameters of most pipe materials (including PVC-U, copper, galvanized iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel, steel, polyethylene and PEX).

Large Seal - The large seal in Philmac UTC® is particularly suited to Out-of-Round and Pitted pipes.

Fast and Easy Installation:

Slide & Tighten™ technology - The Philmac UTC® incorporates all the benefits of Philmac’s Slide & Tighten™ technology. Simply witness mark the pipe against the flange on the fitting, and then insert the pipe to the correct depth. The nut can then be tightened using a wrench. The UTC® is fully installed when the nut can no longer be tightened with reasonable force. No special tools are required and the Philmac UTC® is supplied ready to use.

Easy Disassembly - The design of the UTC® means that once the nut is backed off, the pipe can easily be removed from the fitting.

Complete Security

Dynamic Sealing Method - The mechanical advantage of the nut thread compresses the seal into position, eliminating resistance when inserting the pipe into the fitting, so there is no risk of seal distortion or displacement.*Pipes at the top end of the fitting tolerance may incur minimum resistance.

No Loose Components - The Philmac UTC® is fully integrated with no loose components. There is no need for individual assembly of a split ring, sealing ring or nut. All that is required is the insertion of the pipe and tightening of the nut.

Approvals - The Philmac UTC® holds a number of potable water approvals – WRAS (UK) for above and below ground use; WSAA and WaterMark (Australia); ACS (France); DTC (Denmark), CSA (Canada) and NSF (USA). The fittings are also manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed status.

Dielectric (Insulating) Fitting: UTC® fittings are insulating and are a “Dielectric” fitting for use between dissimilar metals.

High Performance Materials:

Made from advanced thermoplastic materials - The Philmac UTC® is manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance. The UTC® end contains hard stainless steel grippers which provide superior end load resistance.

Rated to 12.5 Bar (180psi) - The Philmac UTC® is pressure rated to 12.5 bar (180psi) at 23 °C (73 °F) to meet the needs of high pressure systems.

50 year + design life - Built to withstand the toughest conditions to ensure longevity and durability, Philmac UTC® has a 50 year+ design life at 23 °C (73 °F).

Complete Coverage:

The Philmac UTC® range is comprehensive - Straight and reducing joiners, elbows, tees and male adaptors, in both transition (PE to UTC®) and double-ended versions (UTC® to UTC®) ranging from 15mm to 61mm.


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