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+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 16DN10mm
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£26.02 £21.68
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 20DN15mm
Stock No. 735510106
£31.27 £26.06
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 25DN20mm
Stock No. 735510107
£39.41 £32.84
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 32DN25mm
Stock No. 735510108
£50.51 £42.09
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 40DN32mm
Stock No. 735510109
£71.60 £59.67
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 50DN40mm
Stock No. 735510110
£97.46 £81.22
+GF+ SYGEF Standard Union 35.51.01 63DN50mm
Stock No. 735510111
£146.98 £122.48
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Georg Fischer Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF)

Suitable for the delivery of pharmaceutical grade purified water (PW) and DI water, using hot water, steam chemical or ozone sanitisation. Due to its excellent chemical resistance it is widely used in chemical distribution systems.

PVDF pipes, fittings and valves from GF Pipings Systems are sold under the SYGEF brand.

The standard version is marketed under the SYGEF Standard brand, whereas SYGEF Plus is the cleaned and specially packaged version for ultra-pure water. The PVDF exhaust-air system runs under the SYGEF Exhaust brand.

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Typical Applications

  • Technical Catalogue
  • Chemical process industry
  • Microelectronics
  • Life science

Key Product Features

  • Outstanding mechanical properties, even at high temperatures
  • Long service life, even under intensely corrosive conditions
  • Very pure material by implementing without additives
  • Safe and reliable system by high-quality welding technology
  • Smooth inner surface
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