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+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 16mm
Stock No. 723100105
£3.10 £2.58
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 20mm
Stock No. 723100106
£3.50 £2.92
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 25mm
Stock No. 723100107
£3.85 £3.21
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 32mm
Stock No. 723100108
£4.84 £4.03
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 40mm
Stock No. 723100109
£8.74 £7.28
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 50mm
Stock No. 723100110
£11.50 £9.58
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 63mm
Stock No. 723100111
£18.50 £15.42
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 75mm
Stock No. 723100112
£42.73 £35.61
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 90mm
Stock No. 723100113
£70.36 £58.63
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 110mm
Stock No. 723100114
£114.60 £95.50
+GF+ CPVC Elbow 90 160mm
Stock No. 723100117
£390.49 £325.41
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Georg Fischer Polyvinyl Chloride Chlorinated (PVC-C)GF_Logo_Orig

Polyvinyl chloride chlorinated is corrosion-resistant, has a long service life in an aggressive/corrosive environment and a high safety factor.

Pressure rating up to 16 bar. 
Temperature range 0°C to +80°C. 

Fields of Application

  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical process industry
  • Microelectronics
  • Building technology


  • Very good mechanical characteristics, also at elevated temperatures
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Simple installation using solvent cementing
  • High burning resistance - will not sustain combustion when the ignition source is removed

Pipes: Pipes are made of PVC-C and processed according to the quality specifications and dimensions according to EN ISO 15493 (for metric pipes).
Fittings: All PVC-C fittings shall be metric sizes manufactured by Georg Fischer Piping Systems shall be of a type suitable for solvent cementing, with dimensions and tolerances in accordance with EN ISO 15493

All Georg Fischer PVC-C pipes, fittings, solvent cement, cleaner, valves and accessories shall be manufactured in an environment operating a Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001 and an Environmental Management System conform to ISO 14001.
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