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Flamco AP Push in Anchor M6
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Flamco Pipe Clamps and Rails:

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Installing pipe suspension systems or wall bracket systems quickly and efficiently is easy if one uses Flamco rails and accessories. Flamco has specifically developed a complete range for this purpose.

The various brackets and clamps can be fitted next to each other, on a single rail, for instance. The flat slotted construction makes fitting in a restricted space possible. Sliding rail lock nuts can also glide smoothly to the correct position on the rail.


  • Short installation height thanks to the flat grooved construction.

  • The ergonomic design of the rail ensures that sliding nuts and similar components slide easily into place.

  • Flamco fittings and components are common and compatible across the entire range of Flamco rail.

Pipe Clamps

Flamco offer a wide range of universal mounting clips with a variety of closures, connections and finishes. With or without sound absorbing rubber lining. 

BSI Clips
With noise suppressing rubber lining.

  • Rigidity provided by the reinforcing grooves.
  • Combined M 8/10 and M 10/12 connection.
  • Suitable for short installation dimensions; bolt has a slot/Phillips head.
  • Two bolts with non-slip washer.

BSK-I Clips
Dedicated clips for plastic pipes with special TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) lining.

The BSK-I clip has easily removable plastic spacers between the two clip halves and can be transformed into a clenching clip without the need for tools.

  • Special TPE lining with excellent low friction properties
  • UV resistant
  • Transformable from sliding to clamping with easily removable spacer.
  • Fast assembly thanks to the patented click-spring locking system.

BSF Clips
Flamco's extensive clip range contains a series of clips without rubber lining. BSF clips are available in a wide range of connections and dimensions from 3/8" - 16" and allow installation in situations with minimal clearance.

  • Suitable for high loads and temperatures
  • Close fitting possible
  • Combined M8/10 connection
BSU Clips
With retaining ring. BSU Clips are designed for mounting steel pipes to the wall or ceiling.
  • Close fitting possible
  • Bolt with slot and cross head
  • Suitable for high loads and temperatures

For use in situations where stainless steel mounting material is necessary, such as food processing, facilities, laboratories, the chemical industry, etc.

  • Suitable for short distance mounting
  • Stainless Steel 316 (1.4401 according to EN 10088)
  • Noise-supression rubber strip according to DIN 4109 (BRS-A Only)
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