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Electrofusion Tools


For over 30 years, Caldertech has been a pioneer in offering complete solutions for joining HDPE pipework through electrofusion products and tools. Caldertech offers over 200 products for all your butt welding and electrofusion needs. Their core products include butt welding machines and electrofusion control units for connecting HDPE pipes, plus all associated tooling for preparing, clamping and maintaining pipe networks.


Caldertech Technology and Fusion Equipment

Electrofusion Welders

Caldertech's high quality Electrofusion Welders have the latest technology available for pressure and non-pressure PE piping systems. Calder Electrofusion Welders for PE pressure systems have an integrated data logger as standard. Combine this with the reliability, low cost maintenance and long service life to give you a welding unit that performs in all conditions.


  • ISO 12176-2 Equipment for fusion jointing polyethylene systems. Part 2: Electrofusion.
  • BS 7540-1,2 & 3:2005, BS 7671:2001, BS 7919:2001, BS EN 1555-3:2002,
  • BS EN 60068-2:1993, BS EN 60204-1:2004, BS EN 60309-2:1999,
  • BS EN 60529:1992, BS EN 60947-1:2004, BS EN 61558-1:1998,
  • BS EN 61558-2 &23:2001, BS EN 62262:2002

Pipe Clamps & Positioning Kits

Caldertech have a full range of clamps and positioning kits suitable for any project in sizes from DN16 - DN1200mm. Their clamps can hold PE pipe in a variety of angles and can be used for 3-way branch connections as well as dis-similar pipe sizes for example DN90 - DN110mm.

Caldertech’s tools are designed and engineered to make plastic pipe welding reliable, safe and simple.

Automatic Butt Welding Machines

Globally recognised as the market leader in pipe jointing equipment, the Gator Butt Welder manufactured by Caldervale Group, is one of the most efficient, robust and easy to use machines providing 100% successful joints time after time.

Attention to detail:

  • Hard-anodised trimmer discs are protected from scoring and general ‘wear and tear’ ensuring that aluminum particles cannot contaminate the jointing surface.
  • The Gator’s curved blade is designed to provide the optimum cutting angle.
  • Detachable stainless steel cradle protects the Gator on site.
  • Replaceable heater surface plates.

Pipe Squeeze Off & Cutting Tooling:

For the temporary closure and flow control of PE pipe systems Caldertech offer a range of Squeeze Off Tooling in sizes from:

  • DN16 - DN315mm.

As part of their range of products, Caldertech also offers Pipe Cutting and Bead Removal Tools for small and large diameter pipes.