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Geberit Silent-PP

Geberit Silent-PP is the perfect commercial soil & waste and drainage system. With robust pipes, available in common diameters, from 32mm to 160mm, and a comprehensive range of fittings and to suit most installations.

Whether it be in a residential complex, a hotel or in a meeting room, noisy discharge pipes are annoying - a problem that is easily eliminated with the Geberit Silent-PP waste and drainage system. These pipes and fittings, optimised as they are with respect to sound insulation and hydraulics, are suitable for both discharge stacks and floor connections and ensure quiet and effective drainage in every kind of building.

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Benefits of Geberit Silent-PP

Award winning pushfit design

Geberit Silent-PP is a design award winning pushfit drainage system offering very simple and fast assembly: Just push the components together and rotate to align them. In addition to its low-noise, optimised wastewater volume flow, the new concept is characterized by several design elements: The reference nubs and stop ring take the guess work out of aligning the fittings properly and getting the correct insertion depth. The four laterally extending ribs serve to create a good grip when inserting one fitting into another. The flattened ridge along the direction of flow highlights the product brand and item details to help with identification later.

Effective sound insulation

Geberit Silent-PP is made from mineral-reinforced polypropylene, improving the physical properties of the material and achieving acoustics optimisation, effectively reducing the natural vibrations and noise.

Clean installation

No chemicals used in the installation process.

Chemical Resistant

Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

Temperature and UV resistant

Robustly resistant to hot and cold temperatures and UV light.

Impact resistant

Flexible materials absorb impact.


More than 60 years of practical experience in drainage technology.

Always consider

When fitting an acoustic installation, it is not just the drainage system which needs careful consideration. Try to have as few offsets as possible to reduce the amount of impact zones, thus decreasing the sound. If an offset is necessary, use 2x 45degree bends instead. Ensure you decouple the whole installation away from the construction of the building. Use rubber lined brackets to absorb the vibrations, as well as sound insulation for pipes coming into contact with the walls and floors.