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+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 16mm
Stock No. 721960405
£2.82 £2.35
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 12mm
Stock No. 721960404
£2.82 £2.35
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 10mm
Stock No. 721960403
£2.82 £2.35
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 20mm
Stock No. 721960406
£3.22 £2.68
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 25mm
Stock No. 721960407
£3.96 £3.30
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 32mm
Stock No. 721960408
£4.81 £4.01
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 40mm
Stock No. 721960409
£6.05 £5.04
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 50mm
Stock No. 721960410
£7.57 £6.31
+GF+ PVC-U HoseConnect 63mm
Stock No. 721960411
£9.96 £8.30
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Georg Fischer PVC-UGF_Logo_Orig

Polyvinyl chloride unplasticised offers the best value for money for many applications. PVC-U is also a universal material.

Additionally, a silicon-free product range is offered, supplemented by silicon-free mountings and screw joints for applications with silicon sensitive media (i.e. water-based paints).

Typical Applications

  • Water treatment
  • Shipbuilding
  • Chemical process industry
  • Microelectronics

Key Product Features

  • Universal use
  • Very good chemical and corrosion resistance
  • Proven physiological harmlessness

Key Product information

  • Temperature rating: 0°C to 60°C
  • Size range 6mm to 400mm (metric)/3/8" to 8" (Imperial)
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