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Durapipe incorporates a number of individual market-leading brands within  Durapipe UK each of which is leading pipework brands such as Superflo ABS, Air-lineXtra, Guardian and Corzan with over fifty years of experience in the industry their portfolio of products are widely used around the world for many different applications. Each range includes pipe, valves, fittings and associated products including Pipe Cobra Clips and clamps.


Whether you are looking for pressure or non-pressure pipework for the conveyance of different media such as water, fuel or more aggressive fluids or specialist drainage pipework, the solution will be found within the Durapipe brand range.


Pipekit is proud of their association with the Durapipe Brand not only for their great quality but also because anyone can find a solution to a complicated piping application with Durapipe due to their diverse portfolio of product ranges.