90 Degree Bend with Plain Ends Long

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Mapress St.St. Bend w/ Plain Ends, Long 90¦ d22mm
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Mapress St.St. Bend w/ Plain Ends, Long 90¦ d28mm
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Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel is especially suited for potable water installations as well as for open and closed heating and cooling circuits. There are special fittings available for gas installations, as well as solar and industrial applications.

Thanks to the pressing technology, installations can be carried out reliably and quickly without complex welding and soldering.

In addition to the standard Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel product range, LABS free fittings are also available.

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Benefits of Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel


  • Lower labour costs in comparison to conventional connection technology


  • Extremely suitable for renovation of living areas
  • Seal rings are protected from dirt


  • No danger of fire as no welding or soldering necessary
  • Unpressed connections are easily identified
  • It is easy to distinguish between product materials using the
  • indicator colours
  • Application ranges are easily identified by the plug colours
  • No danger of confusion with third-party products


  • No consumables such as oxygen or gas required


  • Simple connection technology


  • Can be used for surface-mounted and concealed installations

High molybdenum content

  • High resistance to corrosion due to 2.2% minimum Molybdenum content compared to the industry standard of 2%


  • More than 30 years of practical experience in pressing technology

Always consider

The 6 stage pressing process

  1. Cut and deburr the pipe
  2. Mark the insertion depth on the pipe
  3. Prepare the fitting
  4. Insert the pipe in to the fitting
  5. Press with the appropriate jaw or collar
  6. Remove the pressing indicator

Check you are using the correct material for the required application. Only Geberit Mapress system pipes are suitable to press Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel fittings. To adapt on to existing or dissimilar materials you must use a threaded connection.

Use the correct tooling

Always check that you are using the correct tools, this can be checked in the Geberit Tooling Product Guide and Price List. Make sure that the tools you are using are in a good condition and are calibrated. There should be a sticker on the tool, jaws,  collarsand adapters to tell you when the tool next needs calibrating.