TP PVC-U Union Bush

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TP PVC-U Union Bush 16mm
Stock No. RV0BFI160
£1.02 £0.85
TP PVC-U Union Bush 20mm
Stock No. RV0BFI200
£1.18 £0.98
TP PVC-U Union Bush 25mm
Stock No. RV0BFI250
£1.30 £1.08
TP PVC-U Union Bush 32mm
Stock No. RV0BFI320
£1.82 £1.52
TP PVC-U Union Bush 40mm
Stock No. RV0BFI400
£2.53 £2.11
TP PVC-U Union Bush 50mm
Stock No. RV0BFI500
£2.96 £2.47
TP PVC-U Union Bush 63mm
Stock No. RV0BFI630
£4.09 £3.41
TP PVC-U Union Bush 75mm
Stock No. RV0BFI750
£10.19 £8.49
TP PVC-U Union Bush 90mm
Stock No. RV0BFI900
£11.23 £9.36
TP PVC-U Union Bush 110mm
Stock No. RV0BFI910
£12.90 £10.75
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Tecno Plastic's PVC-U

Amongst the oldest and most common plastic being used in everyday life & industry. Many uses of rigid PVC fittings include conveying drinking water and food products; Swimming Pools; Water treatment and Chemical plants.

TP's PVC compound is not toxic and it is suitable for conveying potable water and food stuff in accordance with the prescriptions of National Authorities in Italy, (C.M.102.d.t.d.02.12.78) and other countries.

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Fittings supplied in rigid PVC plasticised and stabilized suitable for conveying potable water and food stuff. Material Chemical resistances according to ISO/TR 10358

Mechanical Resistances:

The following data are referred to water or not particularly aggressive fluids, at a working temperature of 20°C


Complete dimensional item ranged as per the following series:

L Series: solvent welding BS series (BS 4346/1)

R Series: form BS solvent welding to BS 21 parallel threaded

T Series: from BS solvent welding to metric solvent welding


L Series: 3/8" to 8"

R Series: 3/8" to 8"

T Series: 3/8" to 6"

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