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The Radius Group is an international market engineering pipeline solutions company who operate in many countries including the UK. Since 1969 Radius has developed and manufactured innovative plastic pipeline solutions which are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy and power sectors.

Pipekit holds Radius PE pipes in stock. The high-quality coil from Radius comes in MDPE PE80 - Blue & Black PE100, and advanced connection EF fittings that offer maximum joint integrity, these are easy to install and are robust in operation.

Radius has built a reputation for high quality and versatility. We have found Radius products to be outstanding value and very reliable for long-lasting applications.

Radius also offer the innovative Puriton 2.0 barrier pipe system for brownfield sites. Puriton 2.0 offers the customer complete water supply pipe integrity when going through contaminated land. The Radius Puriton 2.0 system is fully approved for use with drinking water and is used by many of the UK water companies.