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Geberit Mapress Tools

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Geberit Mapress pressing tools easy to use, compact and lightweight making them a perfect tool for onsite installations.

Thanks to the pressing technology, installations can be carried out reliably and quickly without complex welding and soldering, meaning no hotworks and no mess.

You can easily order from of the full Geberit Mapress range, just follow the links below to the range you are after:

Copper, Copper Gas, Copper FKM, CuNiFe, Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Gas, Stainless Steel FKM, Stainless Steel Silicone-Free, Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel FKM.

Geberit_LogoEasy-to-use pressing tools

Work on building sites has to progress quickly and safely in order to achieve high economic efficiency.

The Geberit pressing tools offer you low-weight and high-performance technology for reliable pressing of all the fittings of the Geberit systems.

For all pipe dimensions

The range extends from handy pressing tools for bathroom renovation to electrohydraulic tools for fast work progress on large building sites.

The range is rounded off with corresponding pressing jaws and collars.

Compatibility 1 tools (ACO 102) can press 12-35mm.

Compatibility 2 tools (ACO 203, ECO 203, EFP 203) can press 12-66.7mm (66.7mm Geberit Mapress Copper only).

Compatibility 3 tools (ECO 301) can press 12-108mm. For 66.7mm Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel, the ECO 301 is required.

Fast, low-fatigue working

The new generation of hydraulic pressing tools (ACO 203, ECO 203, EFP 203, ACO 102) is very small, light and easy to use.

This makes work less tiring and increases efficiency on the building site. A slim, non-slip dual compound grip ensures a firm grip and ergonomic handling.

State-of-the-art battery technology and "log book"

The new cordless Geberit pressing tools ACO 102 & ACO 203 are equipped with state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology.

With the high battery capacity and the minimised energy consumption of the pressing tools it is possible to reduce the time required for changing the battery.

The short battery charge times and the two supplied rechargeable batteries enable continuous work, also with the battery-operated pressing tools.

An electronic "log book" counts the number of pressing sequences on the Geberit ECO and ACO pressing tools and after 40,000 indicates that service inspection is due.

The service personnel can read out all the necessary information from the log book and take this into account for servicing.