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MCLP stands for multi-layered composite pipe. It is made up of a combination of plastic and metal, meaning:

  • Fewer connections- with pipes available in 3m or 5m straight lengths and in various flexible coil lengths, a typical installation requires fewer connections. This saves time, money and reduces any potential for leaks 
  • Better Hygiene- with the MLCP pipe capped at manufacture, it is hygienically clean when it arrives to be installed and resists lime-scale formation. Overall, this means that they are ideal for carrying drinking water
  • No hot works- no soldering is required to construct an MLCP joint. This, in turn, means that it is one of the most cleanest and safest solutions on the market.
  • No Corrosion- MLCP systems are not susceptible to the ravages of corrosion 
  • Watertight first time- One of the most frequent comments we hear from new users of MLCP is the surprise that the system is always watertight first time.