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Type 603 Flange Adaptors

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AVK DN80 Flange Adaptor (99mm - 119mm) PN16 80mm Flange
Stock No. 6031190004200
£28.80 £24.00
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AVK DN50 Flange Adaptor (57mm - 74mm) PN16 Universal 50mm Flange
Stock No. 6030740004200
£30.50 £25.42
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AVK DN100 Flange Adaptor (109mm to 133) PN16 Universal 100mm Flange
Stock No. 6031330004200
£30.60 £25.50
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AVK DN65 Flange Adaptor (68mm - 85mm) PN16 Universal 80mm Flange
Stock No. 6030850004200
£31.50 £26.25
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AVK DN150 Flange Adaptor (157mm - 183mm) PN16 Universal 150mm Flange
Stock No. 6031830004200
£39.60 £33.00
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AVK DN125 Flange Adaptor (132mm - 157mm) PN16 Universal 100mm Flange
Stock No. 6031570004200
£49.04 £40.87
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AVK DN200 Flange Adaptor (218mm to 242mm) PN16 Universal 200mm Flange
Stock No. 6032420004200
£54.46 £45.38
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AVK DN250 Flange Adaptor (266mm to 292mm) PN16 Universal 250mm Flange
Stock No. 6032920004200
£86.04 £71.70
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