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Durapipe PLX Blue


Durapipe PLX is a complete range of dedicated fusion-welded pipework systems for the safe transfer of liquid fuels and their vapours. Suitable for use with leaded, unleaded petroleum, including ethanol rich alternative fuels (E85), diesel, bio-diesel and fuel oils.

PLX is commonly used in forecourts and is also used for critical power applications for hospitals, data centres, prisons and banks. The Durapipe PLX range was originally developed over 20-years ago and through continuous product innovation, PLX plastic piping offers the ultimate in environmental protection with maximum protection against permeation and leak free joints when transferring fuel.

Durapipe PLX is fully compliant with the Energy Institute (Institute of Petroleum Performance systems), rigorous EN testing and other worldwide recognised standards


Durapipe PLX Blue

With the ever-increasing use of AdBlue®/DEF to lower NOx concentrations in the exhaust emissions of diesel engines, a high quality pipework system is required to convey the solution from tank to pump. PLX Blue offers the choice of both single wall and dual contained, giving the option to be monitored for leak detection if required and offering peace of mind to the installer and client alike.

Material Advantages:

  • Safe and Durable (30 year design life)
  • High Performance 10bar pressure rating
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Abuse Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Resists permeation quick, clean and easy Electrofusion Jointing and Installation
  • Strong and robust
  • UV Resistant


  • High-grade polyethylene material
  • Polyethylene black outer skin with sky blue stripes (up to 63#75mm)
  • Fusion welded system
  • Available in straights and coils
  • Semi-flexible pipework
  • System specially suited for Adblue® applications
  • Resists permeation and anti-clogging properties
  • Fast, simple jointing
  • Easy installation and minimal jointing
  • Single Wall
  • Secondary Containment
  • Stainless Steel Threaded Transitions

Quality, Dimensions and Standards:

The PLX range is fully compliant with the Energy Institute (Institute of Petroleum Performance Systems), rigorous EN testing and other worldwide recognised standards.

Durapipe UK’s commitment to quality is reflected by our operation of an independently assessed quality management system registered under BS EN ISO 9001. PLX products are made in accordance with the following Standards:

Pipe: EN14125, DIN 8074, 8075, OFTEC, EI, UL971v1, IPv1

Fittings: EN14125, BS EN 1555, OFTEC, AREL (Transitions), EI, UL971v1

Threaded transition fittings conform to the nominal requirements of BS 21/DIN 2999/ISO 7 specifications. Male and Female threads are tapered. Flanged drillings conform to the nominal requirements of BS4504, DIN2501 Table 10 and Table 16.

Low Installed Life Costs:

The ease of handling and speed of jointing of PLX will generally result in the total installed cost being lower than it is for threaded or welded metal systems. Pipework installation can be completed in significantly less time than for metal systems. As the installation of PLX is not classed as ‘hot works’ it can be safely undertaken in most environments