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Threaded Tank Inlet Fitting

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Philmac Threaded FittingsPhilmac_Brand_Logo

Philmac threaded fittings are manufactured in accordance with the company’s ISO9001 quality endorsed standard and are an example of Philmac’s unrelenting commitment to continuous improvement and a
culture based on innovation and ingenuity.

WRAS_logoA full range of sizes and an extensive range of fitting types provide a solution for almost every application.

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Complete Flexibility - Universal Design: 

The versatile range is made from high performance, UV resistant polypropylene material that prevents moisture absorption, ensuring installation is quick, simple and reliable every time. Philmac’s threaded fittings provide maximum versatility, delivering a high performance connection across a wide range of pressure ratings and chemical combinations. Philmac’s robust threaded fittings provide precision BSP tapered threads that have been engineered to maximise sealing performance.

Fast and Easy Installation:

The hexagonal body makes them extremely simple to install. Philmac’s robust threaded fittings provide precision BSP tapered threads that have been engineered to maximise sealing performance.

Tools: No special tools are required to install Philmac Threaded Fittings.

Threads: Philmac Threaded Fittings incorporate a "Wide Throat" making thread connection easier. Specifically designed to assist in overcoming the well known problem of connecting parallel (metal) male threads to tapered female thread.

Complete Coverage - Threaded Fittings:

The Philmac Threaded Fitting range is comprehensive: Plugs, bushes, nipples, sockets, tees, elbows, Male x Female elbows and caps. 

Approvals: The Philmac Threaded fittings holds a number of potable water approvals – BS6920 and AS4020 (Australia). The fittings are also manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed status.

High Performance Materials - Made from advanced thermoplastic materials:

The Philmac Threaded Fitting range is manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance. 

Pressure Rating: The Philmac threaded fittings are suitable for mains water and pump systems. For designers, Philmac provides a full set of pressure ratings for the complete range of fittings. The fittings meet the needs of pressurised rainwater systems, rural and industrial applications.

50 year + design life: Built to withstand the toughest conditions to ensure longevity and durability. Philmac Threaded Fittings have a 50 year+ design life at 23°C or 73°F.