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Sound Insulation Set for Wall Disk

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Roth Sound Insulation Set for U Wall Disk - 17-20mm
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The certified Roth pipe installation system offers users and planners the advantage of covering several areas of application. Whether drinking water or heating installation, the Roth pipe installation system is the perfect solution, in sizes 16 to 63 mm.


Click here for System Brochure

The system primarily comprises two elements – the system pipe and fittings:

Roth System Pipe Alu-Laserplus®

  • 5-layer pipe construction
  • Thick-walled inner pipe for high pressure and temperature stability
  • Incrustation-free pipe walls for permanently constant flow rates and limited pressure losses
  • Laser-welded aluminium layer for reduced thermal longitudinal expansion and form stability after bending
  • Oxygen barrier and suitable for all drinking water qualities

System benefits

  • Universal system for sanitation and heating connections in sizes 16 to 63 mm
  • Optimally designed PPSU and MS components
  • Tested quality: registered by the DVGW (Deutsche Vereinigung des Gas- und Wasserfaches e.V. = German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) and monitored by accredited testing institutes.
  • Max. safety
    Large insertion depth
    Double O-ring safety
  • Tested functionality
  • Adapted for construction site conditions
  • Compatible up to size 20 mm and universally usable for Roth System Pipes
    DUOPEX S5®
    X-PERT S5®+

Roth Fittings

With the patented Roth PressCheck® for safe assembly through defined leakage when unpressed (for pressure check with water at up to 1,5 bar unpressed/unsealed).


PPSU: For system fittings exclusively with press connections. The basic body of the press fitting comprises a high performance plastic polyphenylsulphone (PPSU). The material is highly resistant at high temperatures, as well as against corrosion and incrustation. The fitting is very robust and impact resistant thanks to its extremely high notched bar impact strength and resistance to stress cracks.

Metal: For transitions with press and screw connections. A high quality brass material is used with good mechanical properties, such as rigidity and toughness. The brass used is corrosion-resistant to a large extent and has excellent resistance against dezincification. The material complies with the latest provisions and standards (e.g. TrinkwV. 2011).

The area of application is drinking water and heating installation.

The approved operating conditions are:
70 °C/10 bar for constant operation
95 °C/6 bar max. for brief periods

At the constant operating conditions specified above, and taking into account a safety level of 1,5, creep strength of 50 years is guaranteed.

For different operating parameters and different areas of use, please consult with an advisor from Roth Werke GmbH.

The system is DVGW-certified. The materials used in the system are absolutely hygienic for human use.

The system components are permanently connected and sealed with radial press-fit technology and are approved for flush mounting.

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