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+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 20mm
Stock No. 20014B601
£12.78 £10.65
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 25mm
Stock No. 20014B602
£19.76 £16.47
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 32mm
Stock No. 20014B603
£30.50 £25.42
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 40mm
Stock No. 20014B604
£47.33 £39.44
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 50mm
Stock No. 20014B605
£70.50 £58.75
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 63mm
Stock No. 20014B606
£94.50 £78.75
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 75mm
Stock No. 20014B607
£151.76 £126.47
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 90mm
Stock No. 20014B608
£185.98 £154.98
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 110mm
Stock No. 20014B609
£286.10 £238.42
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 140mm
Stock No. 20014B610
£584.16 £486.80
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 160mm
Stock No. 20014B611
£622.15 £518.46
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 200mm
Stock No. 20014B612
£865.58 £721.32
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP6 250mm
Stock No. 20014B614
£1,077.07 £897.56
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP10 225mm
Stock No. 20014B613
£1,215.42 £1,012.85
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP6 280mm
Stock No. 20014B615
£1,475.75 £1,229.79
+GF+ ABS Tube 5m NP6 315mm
Stock No. 20014B616
£1,966.58 £1,638.82
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Georg Fischer ABSGF_Logo_Orig

Acrylnitrile-Butadiene-Styrene has high impact resistance - even at very low temperatures. The low heat conductivity supports its use in cold and climate-controlled areas.


In addition to the range of standard fittings, other components such as silicon-free mountings and screw joints are also offered.

ABS pipes and fittings from GF Piping Systems are also offered for cooling equipment as a pre-insulated system under the COOL-FIT brand.

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Types of Application

  • Water treatment
  • Cooling
  • Food & beverage
  • Shipbuilding
  • Building technology

Key Product Features

  • High impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Single installation via solvent cement joints
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Halogen free

Key Product Information

  • Temperature range: -50°C to 60°C
  • Size range:  16 - 315mm (Metric)
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