Black Backnut BSPP

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Black Backnut BSPP 1/4"
Stock No. MI310-14N
£0.43 £0.36
Black Backnut BSPP 3/8"
Stock No. MI310-38N
£0.70 £0.58
Black Backnut BSPP 1/2"
Stock No. MI310-12N
£0.72 £0.60
Black Backnut BSPP 3/4"
Stock No. MI310-34N
£0.76 £0.63
Black Backnut BSPP 1"
Stock No. MI310-1N
£0.78 £0.65
Black Backnut BSPP 1 1/4"
Stock No. MI310-114N
£1.24 £1.03
Black Backnut BSPP 1 1/2"
Stock No. MI310-112N
£1.45 £1.21
Black Backnut BSPP 2"
Stock No. MI310-2N
£3.01 £2.51
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Black Malleable Iron Fittings

Media: Suitable for the flow of water, steam, gas or other non-aggressive media.

Material: Whiteheart malleable cast iron, grade W40-05 according to ISO5922/DIN-11692, and tested in accordance with ISO-49/DIN-2950.

Finishes: Black; An anti-corrosion varnish to protect against rust during and after installation prior to plant conditioning.

Maximum Temperature: 200 Degrees Celsius.

Maximum Working Pressure: 16 Bar.

Threads: British Standard taper to IS07 and BS21. All male threads are BSPT and female threads are BSPP.

Suitable Applications Include:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
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