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IMI Hydronic Engineering Manufacture innovative and reliable HVAC solutions in order to increase efficiency and drive down initial and ongoing costs enabling you to take control of your systems.

Their solutions are designed to holistically improve any HVAC system, all working together to keep it healthy and doing the job it's for, whether is equalising pressure in the system using their Expansion Vessels or regulating central heating to keep it a steady temperature with their radiator valves or even allow for air in the system to be removed to make the flow as efficient as possible with their De-aeration valves.

With decades of experience in research and development, you know that the IMI Hydronic engineering products are high quality, providing money-saving installations, fantastic indoor climates and happy customers. They take pride in the fact that every innovation they develop is focused on one thing: creating solutions to the challenges you face and this means, listening to their customers drive what they do.

With state-of-the-art development, manufacturer and test facilities combined with the talented, committed and well-trained people makes the industry-leading solutions they offer.


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