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Their alpex product family for drinking water and heating installations meets the highest standards. They provide you with high-quality and flexible pipe solutions tailored to your needs and the needs of a construction site, it's flexibility as a system and in the pipe itself is very installation-friendly, a perfect match with the quality and reliability it offers.
They offer various piping solutions for heating and cooling even including connections directly to radiators

They are specialists in

Hygienic safety.

Their products are subject to the highest and most stringent hygienic standards. From manufacturing through transportation to installation and commissioning – hygienically impeccable material handling is their top priority.

System competence.

Their products are all part of a holistically designed system and perfectly match each other due to precise manufacture tolerances.

Easy installation.

The systems are very well thought-out down to the very last detail, making every installation situation possible and as practical as can be.

Guaranteed quality.

All FRÄNKISCHE products are of utmost quality, thanks to specifically selected materials, environmentally compatible commodities, and conscious processing.

Functional reliability.

Their quality standards are proven with the large number of certificates their products receive, allows for many applications in need of approvals.

Secure investment.

They have over one century of experience in manufacturing pipes and system components, all feeding into the constant innovation in design and manufacture of their products.


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