Surestop Stopcocks


Since 2008, the Surestop® stopcock range has gone from strength to strength with a Remote Switch Version for those difficult to reach places, a standalone stopcock version for where the pipework is more easily accessible.

Surestop are the modern alternative to the brass stopcock – now you can turn off your mains water supply with the flick of a switch.

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Surestop Stopcock Pushfit 15mm
Stock No. SS/15/SPL
£29.54 £24.62
Surestop Stopcock MDPE 25mm
Stock No. SS/2522/NBP
£33.14 £27.62
Surestop Stopcock Pushfit 22mm
Stock No. SS/22/SPL
£34.15 £28.46
Surestop Stopcock MDPE w/ Remote Switch 2m Tubing 25 x 22mm
Stock No. SS/2522/RNBP-02
£62.68 £52.23
Surestop Stopcock MDPE w/ Remote Switch 6m Tubing 25 x 22mm
Stock No. SS/2522/RNBP-06
£70.06 £58.38
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Surestop is a unique and innovative stopcock range, focused around protecting properties from the risk of water damage. With a simple flick of a switch, Surestop stopcocks will completely STOP the water supply - without the use of batteries or electrics. Surestop is easy and quick to install and use over traditional stopcocks.

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  • Capable of turning off your mains water at the flick of a switch.
  • Powered by water pressure - no electrics or batteries.
  • Unaffected by limescale
  • WRAS Approved as a stopcock
  • Two year warranty


  • Cold Water supply max at 23°C at 10 bar
  • Available with either push-fit or compression fittings
  • 15mm and 22mm options for installation with plastic or copper pipe, as well as 25mm MDPE options
  • Lockdown buttons from both stopcocks and remote switch options


Value - Surestop will add value to your installation and provides the opportunity to increase the revenue generated by your business. Replacing a seized up or inaccessible brass stopcock, is also a great addition to your services.

High Quality - All products are assembled and 100% tested in SureStop's UK operational facility, ensuring the highest expectation of quality performance is met.

Easy to Install - Simply replace an existing brass stopcock or fit new, in less than an hour. Their push-fit options also allow for more streamline installation.