Marley HDPE Stub Flange

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Marley HDPE Stub Flange 56mm
Stock No. S475602
£12.02 £10.02
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 75mm
Stock No. S470702
£15.25 £12.71
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 110mm
Stock No. S471102
£16.78 £13.98
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 160mm
Stock No. S471602
£30.48 £25.40
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 200mm
Stock No. S472002
£53.32 £44.43
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 250mm
Stock No. S472502
£103.42 £86.18
Marley HDPE Stub Flange 315mm
Stock No. S473102
£167.54 £139.62
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Marley_LogoMarley Akatherm HDPE Drainage

The Marley Akatherm HDPE product range is an extension of the Marley soil & waste portfolio, offering an alternative solution to cast iron.

The high impact resistance and wide temperature range make the Marley Akatherm HDPE system extremely suitable for draining waste water in utility constructions like hospitals, hotels, schools as well as residential buildings.

The range covers an extensive package of pipes and fittings in the diameters 40mm - 315mm, which includes pipe, bends, electrofusion couplers, branches, branch balls and access pipes.

It is a lightweight system particularly suited to drainage applications that need to be fitted outside, as it is also an extremely weather resistant material.

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