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Multikwik Moors WC

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Multikwik Moors WC Seat
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Multikwik_LogoMultikwik Sanitary Systems

Multikwik frames have been designed with plumbers to help improve the installation process, features include:

  • A roughing in box that can be trimmed
  • The greatest adjustability of the wall mounting brackets
  • A cistern that allows for back, side and bottoms feed
  • The Fill Valve has been tested to the extremes and has a unique protection plate
  • Colour coded flush cables - for easy identification of the 3 and 6 litre functions

Each module is packed in an easy to carry carton - the system is pre-assembled, eliminating the need to source and install other components.

Multikwik flush plates have been created to allow adequate access for maintenance, with a wide choice of flush plate designs and finishes installation can be discrete enough not to impair the finished bathroom design.

Designed for a 25 year life span with the added benefit of being re-useable.


Multikwik Specification Guide

Multikwik Sanitary Guide